Misfortune at your company?

Any organization, like any individual, can suffer a traumatic event. How well would yours be able to cope?

CareLink, which is domiciled in Glattbrugg (near Zurich), is an independent non-profit care and assistance foundation. We can help and support you in providing practical assistance and psychological care for anyone who has been affected by an accident or a disaster. We can also advise you and your company on how to establish and maintain your own crisis organisation.

CareLink provides its services through its core team of full-time personnel and its professionally-organised corps of volunteers – some 350 specially-trained caregivers and emergency psychologists spread throughout Switzerland. Should our services be required, we will form a specific care team, which will report to the emergency committee of the company or organisation concerned. Our CareLink management will then organise and coordinate the team’s care duties, on behalf of the emergency committee’s behalf.

The practical help and psychological assistance that are given directly and indirectly to the people affected by an accident or a disaster are crucial to determining how they will cope with their experience and how customers, other employees and the public will perceive and process what has occurred. As experience over the past few years has confirmed, the type of care provided in such situations also sheds a powerful light on the company involved, and can have a major impact on its image and reputation.

More than 110 Swiss-based companies from a wide range of sectors have already put their confidence and trust in CareLink to help them meet and master any major incident or disaster they may suffer.

If you’d like to know more, you’ll find further information on our website in French or German. Alternatively, feel free to call us on +41 44 876 5050.